Monday, August 31, 2009

dek ery nk kawen b4 25! wewiit ;)

1. List down all five blogs that you really loves to blogwalking?
*Err. sume blog yg aku follow aku ske blogwalking ;)

2. Have you ever dream on having someone special in your life?Who will care you the most and be your soulmate for the rest of your life?And who is that special person?
*Of coz la ade. sapekah? shhh.

3. Taken or Single? Which one is better for you?
*married! haha.

4. Have you been in one-sided love situations?
*tak kot.

5. List down 5 of your type in finding your ownprince charming/lovable princess??
*kachak di mate sy
*kaye (errr. bley ka cmni? heee)
*tak takut lipas dan binatang² yg sy takut. haha

6. At what age that you will planing to get married?
*dah terlepas daaa. wakakakak :p

7. How much kids that you want to have?
*4 lah. cm best ja. 2 boy 2 girl. kekekeke

8. List down 5 luckiest person that you want to tag :
*fyda nyet²
*en fhad
*kak farah
*dek eeqa
*kak kaed (sy taw die xkn wt :p)

.end of entry.


fhad said...

aiayakkkk kene tag lagi.. nnt bole x fhad wat.. hoho.. jgn wisau wat nye... now tenet lems la..

Ery Farieha said...

da telepas umo kawen? skrg akk 23 kan? hahaha nak kawen umo bpe haa? :P

enheyshar said...

fhad: bley ja ;)

ery: ha ha ha :p

Ms.Independant said...

Thanks Huda sbab tag! hehe ^_^

Dtg amek award k!

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